4 Steps to Create a Successful Video for your Business

By June 2, 2017Video Tips

4 Steps to Create a Successful Video for your Business

Video is hot! By 2018, Internet video traffic will account for 79% of all consumer

internet traffic, according to Cisco. With all those viewing minutes, no wonder video

marketing is on the rise. Before you think about whipping out your smartphone, or

going live, take a moment to create a game plan.

Step One: Determine the Goal

Posting a video to your social feed, just because you think you need one, is a recipe

for disaster. Stop and think, what does your business need right now? Maybe to:

– Grow Brand Awareness

– Position yourself as an expert in the field, or

– Increase Leads?

Once you hone in on a goal for your video campaign, identify how you will measure

your success. Social platforms have their own analytic tools you can use. If you want

to measure website-based analytics, you can set up Google Analytics, or track your

video through a video player manager like Wistia, Youtube or Vimeo Pro which have

their own analytic tools.

Knowing what features to track is key. For example, a life coach who wants to get

more leads into her webinar sales funnel will want to track video views and the

number of times people clicked the “sign up” button that accompanied the video.

Step Two: Plan your Distribution

Before you hit record, it’s important to know where you plan on posting your video.

Will you upload it solely to social networks? If so, consider producing a square video

which gets up to 28% more view rates than landscape. Identify any video

parameters which could affect your video, such as the one-minute duration limit on

Instagram. And be sure to include subtitles for Facebook and Instagram videos.

You may also want to post to Youtube and your website, to help drive people from

search engines. Add your video to a blog, newsletter or as a link in your email

signature. Each application may require a unique video format to optimize your

video performance.

Think about the best post times to target your key viewers and don’t forget to create

buzz for your upcoming video launch.

Step Three: Create Intentional Emotion

Before you launch into your directorial debut, think about what you want people to

feel when they watch your video? Emotion inspires action!

Joy – Most people enjoy watching moments that brighten up their day. People have a

sense of urgency when sharing videos that evoke positive feelings. If you wanted

more people to know about your philanthropic brand, sharing the story of the lives

the charity you support benefits, will certainly touch people right in the feels.

Amusement – Create humor by showing a montage of bad family photos, followed

by a portfolio of your photography services or tips of how you could have helped.

Fear – Nobody wants to put themselves or others at risk. The viewer will be urged to

share, buy or learn more if they believe that act will circumvent the threat. Everyday

health products often use fear to influence our buying behavior positively. The

following example is a more extreme way to evoke fear.


Think about how your script with show and tell your story to evoke an emotion.

Scripting in the visual elements and thinking about the style of music or voice over,

is a key part of a cohesive and effective narrative.

Step Four: Analyze and Optimize

Most of the heavy lifting is done. Look back at your success measurement tools from

step one and start collecting data. Keep your eye on other analytic tools, too. If you

notice you are losing more than half of your viewers at a certain point in time, you

may be able to adjust easily. Or maybe you realize that your 1 minute video is just

too long for your viewers and you can plan a 30-second one next time.

Assessing the success of your video and its ability to reach your goals will allow you

to make an informed decision about whether to continue creating that type or

content, or should recalculate.

No matter the goal, there is a video solution. You have to start somewhere – just be

sure to start with a clear purpose and intention.